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Key Features

Water cleanser

Easy to create moist skin by starting with basic cleansing

Thoroughly cleans pores

Do not be afraid of pink clumping

After washing, it is not tight.

Such as the delicate touch of nature forest

North American sage herb protein added

And a variety of moisturizing ingredients

Both cleansing, moisturizing, moisturizing

Jane International Co., Ltd. was established in September 2011. In the early years, the company used to sell Japanese style home accessories and tea drinks, during which the company self-produced black tea. The brand "JUNE" was established for black tea product marketing. In November 2015, we founded a skincare research and development team. In April 2016, our skincare products officially hit the shelves. The company is committed to manufacturing high quality products, perfecting the quality control of each product. We believe our customers deserve only the best product experience.

Jane International Co., Ltd. is constantly striving to create more quality products, and our motto is "Not just good, but always be better." Step by step, we establish the foundation of our company for a robust and vigorous future.

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